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Turn Your Savage Up.

To the max.

Let’s blame Rihanna. My savage is at an all time high. Call it a lifestyle change. I refuse to sit through another phone call/ladies night/wine night/day party/dinner party/lunch date/text group and complain about how my life should be going or could be going. I also don’t want to hear it from my friends either. I get it. Life can be ridiculously petty at times. But does that mean we sit around and settle? I can’t.

We have the power within us to do anything we want. Like, seriously. Leave that draining ass relationship/friendship. Finish school. Flex in the gym. Start that business. Buy that house. Get those $$$ up in your bank account. YOU. CAN. DO. IT.


My savagery is steadily climbing. This means no tolerance for bull shit situations or people. Only heighten senses, higher brainwaves, putting my emotions on chill and being as logical as fuck. You with me?

I’m not gonna give you this long drawn out motivational speech. What I will do is give you the 5 simple things that I’ve counted on to get me closer to my destiny:

1. Minimize chatter- Silence is better than bullshit. Quiet your mind. And channel the energy else where. What I do: meditate, read, pray and write.
2. What’s your point?- Find out what you want to accomplish in life. Then go do it. And truly commit to it. Don’t engage in anything that breaks your focus from your hustle. This is kind of “duh advice”. But how many times have you found yourself caught up in some bullshit that took you away from your focus?
3. F*ck Emotion-Use Logic- Yooooo! This one is important. We aren’t put on this earth long. That’s why it’s important to make the best moves using common sense. Our emotions allow us to react too much or too little. Keep it simple. Use your most logical judgement in everything you do. Whether that’s quitting your job to pursue your dreams or eating Twinkies and Lemonheads for lunch instead of something that will benefit your body.
4. Make time for YOU- I know this is a no brainer. But think about the last time you did something for yourself….has it been awhile? I’m not gonna tell you how to love yourself. But I will tell you to love yourself…..a lot. Do this by devoting a moment or more celebrating/loving/living for you.
5. Stimulate your mind- Whether music, dance, words or herbs…get your mind right. Allow your brain to experience an exhilarating sensation.

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