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A Special Place in Hell

Wack actions must be addressed. 

International Women’s Day was last month, which inspired this quote on my Instagram. To me, this sentiment was not just important on that day, but everyday.

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women”.

Check it. I’ve found women with amazing, successful careers who I’d admire from afar. I’m never the type to be overly anxious, feeling like those successful chicks had to autograph my notebook while I sheepishly tell them, “Oh my gosh… I just LOVE what you do.” However, I did find some women who I felt compelled to have a legit, real conversation with. To simply say, “You are the shit and what you are putting out in the world is very dope. I’d love to have a conversation with you whenever, where ever”.

Now, by no means do I want my ass kissed or want anyone devoting all of their time to me based off of a compliment or well wishes. But why does every influential woman I encounter as of late feel they need to charge me money just to say hello? I’ll never knock any one’s hustle, but EVERYTHING seems to have a price tag these days. A great example of this is the countless of women who deem themselves as “content creators” or “influencers” who charge a certain (high ass) fee just to sit with them for a few hours to tell you about some over used, very google-able formula to reach your full potential.

Then there are the ones that nod and shake their heads like they are so interested in what you are saying. They hand you their business card, look you in the eye and tell you to please keep in touch. You are super excited, gripping the card in your hand, reading it over and over again as if you were in a dream. You get the nerve to pick up the phone or press send on the email only to be met with silence.  I started to get tired of the unanswered emails or ignored calls.

I never want to be too big, have too many followers, make too much money, or be too important to give genuine/much needed time to another woman. Period.

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