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Festival Fun The Bad Ass Way [Part One]

Festival season is upon us. 

Being both a Lollapalooza and Coachella alum there are some myths I must expose. Unlike what you read or see on the internet, everyone at outdoor music festivals aren’t walking around with war paint, feathers, and loin cloths. Now trust me. Flower crowns will be everywhere, but how you rock it will set you apart.

That’s why I looooove how my home girl, Arereal, did model and hot mama Karli’s flower crown. By looping hair around the crown it gives hair such an amazing texture and style. Just make sure you secure it with hair spray. We used Big Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. Another great element to this look is the rose gold make up. No denying that rose gold is having it’s moment. And what better way than to add it to your beauty. Arereal slid MAC’s Mythology eye shadow across Karli’s lids that immediately brightened up her look. Add lots of mascara and a soft pink lip and your festival goddess look just got gangster. Of course, I would add a bottom gold grill, one of my summer must-haves. Karli is so sassy and cute, I would totally rock out at an outdoor festival with this exact look.


102 108

Photo/Makeup/Hair: Arereal Strickland for IAMSADIDDY


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