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Gelato On My Mind

So I’ve been thinking…

Have you ever based your beauty on your mood? Do you wear darker lip colors when you’re feeling mysterious or a flirty lash when you want your inner Studio 54 goddess to come out and play? That’s how I felt when I put on  Gelato On My Mind by OPI. A peaceful blue, it puts me in a serene mood. Something I need more of.

Like the name implies, I also have dessert on the brain.  Ice cream cookie sandwiches, creamy gelato, big hunks of peanut butter pie. Its been the worse distraction to my fitness goals. I’ll work out then want the biggest bag of sour cherries. I know, I know. I gotta focus on better. Then there is the whole thing of summer itself. Is it me or is summer a time where you put your hustle in full gear? I have some really big goals that I’m trying to achieve in every facet of my life and I get so overwhelmed with it in my head I often forget to focus and enjoy the present. Tell me I’m not the only one who does this!? Thank God my nails are done. It’s definitely a beautiful distraction from everything that’s on mind these days.

Love this color? Check out my other favorite nail color.

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