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Why Don’t You Love Me? [Part 1]


What constitutes being a bad ass?

As of late, I’ve been redefining the woman I need to become and what I stand for. It’s so necessary for the next phase in my personal and business life. It’s very interesting to see who will be there to support your growth. I’ve always considered myself a great friend/sister/bae/daughter/cousin/coworker/etc. But what I realize is that everyone won’t be that way to me. The old sensitive me would worry myself sick. Almost ready to cry. Now, I can’t and won’t give energy to it. Life is too short. I know that’s an overused cliche, but its one of my mantras. I got too much to accomplish in my life to be overly emotional about situations or people that don’t put that same energy into me.

That’s why I had to do this photo shoot. It’s a visual proclamation. And it’s just the beginning. I’m more bold, I’m taking bigger risks, and placing all bets on me. I talk a lot of shit now. But I’ll never say anything without valid meaning.

What I’ve come to realize in finding myself is that life knocks us down so hard we forget who we are and where we came from. For me, being knocked down made me realize that if I didn’t get back up I would be just as basic as the problems on the ground. But not this time. I hope that if you are on the ground with your battle, you get back up and realize how dope YOU are, and that the world so desperately needs more beautiful people like you. And to all the people, places and things that you think are holding you back be brave enough to look at the situation and say “Fuck that!!!”. Now that’s a bad ass mentality.







Creative Direction: LaMisha ReadusΒ 

Hair and Makeup: Arereal Strickland

Photography: Danny Black Photography

Stylist: Adrienne Gadling

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